Hammer Telecom will issue an invoice to you each month for the goods and services that you purchased in the previous month. Services with a fixed monthly charge and billed in advance for the current month. You will also receive a statement from Hammer Telecom with the details of previous invoice amounts and the payment you have received. You should check these documents each month and Contact Us should you have any questions or concerns. Invoices and Statements are only issued via e-mail unless a prior arrangment has been made with us to produce paper invoices and statements.

Invoices are generally due 7 days from the date of the invoice unless a prior agreement has been reached with us for different payment terms. Invoices that are overdue may attract a $10 late payment fee plus a 2% per month finance charge which will be applied to your next invoice at our discretion. If you have financial difficulties that are preventing you from makeing a payment, please Contact Us and refer to our Financial Hardship policy.

Our Invoices and Statements are produced in PDF format. You will need a PDF reader installed to be able to read these documents. A free PDF reader is available for download from Adobe. Should you have difficulty reading or understanding the correspondence we send you, please Contact Us.


Full details on how to make payments are on each invoice. Each customer has an account number that is displayed on each invoice. You should use this account number as a reference when making payment to us. We can accept Credit Card payments over the phone by calling 1300 88 5397 or you can use the secure payment system on our website.

We accept payment by cheque. You can mail cheques PO Box 1772, Milton. 4064.

We accept payment by B-Pay. Our B-Pay Biller Code is 107458 and you should use your account number as a reference. You can make payments through your Bank. See for more details.

We accept payment by Direct Bank Transfer. Our account number is 478798808 and BSB is 014256. Use your Hammer Telecom Account number as a reference.