Hammer Telecom offers a comprehensive choice of Internet, Data & Hosting products.

Naturally, different businesses have different internet, data and hosting needs. Hammer Telecom offers a one stop solution with reliable and cost effective business grade services.

We provide fully managed, high quality products with the flexibility to mix and match to achieve the best performance for every budget.

Streamline your administration and support by allowing Hammer Telecom to offer you an “End to End” service, from ADSL 2+ and mobile broadband to web, email and domain hosting, all on the one bill, all with one local point of contact.

We would welcome the opportunity to offer you a more detailed explanation of the features of each product, to explain how they may suit your individual requirements, and to demonstrate the significant benefits they can bring to the daily running of your business.


Hammer Telecom’s managed business grade ADSL 2+ solution provides an exceptionally reliable high speed connection to the internet.

Perfect for businesses who require high speed download capacity, ADSL 2+ offers up to 24 Megabits per second, excellent for working with content rich web pages and receiving larger email documents.

Backed up with high level fault rectification standards, ADSL 2+ may be the cost effective solution you have been seeking to improve the speed and reliability of your link to the internet.


A Symmetrical High Speed Digital Subscriber Line (or SHDSL for short) is the service you need when higher upload speeds and ultimate reliability are your goal.

Deployed independently or in combination with an ADSL 2+ service, your business can have all the bases covered for its data requirements while gaining the added benefit of putting in place the key infrastructure required to unlock further call cost savings with VoIP technology.

Virtual Private Networks

Hammer Telecom’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution allows your business secure remote access to exchange information between any of your offices, branches, or employees working in the field or from home.

Share your confidential business information safe in the knowledge that with a Hammer Telecom VPN in place there is no need for physical cabling to ensure complete privacy and data security.

Whether from home, the office or the field, log in remotely to business servers, email servers and other secure systems on your network with complete confidence.

3G Wireless Broadband

Imagine the benefit to your business productivity by being able to work wherever you are, whenever you choose, as easily as if you were in your office, behind your desk.

Otherwise wasted minutes are now opportunities to catch up on email, freshen up a presentation, schedule an appointment or check your meeting notes.

Whether sitting in a cafe, arriving at a clients boardroom or walking through the door at home, you can now take advantage of Hammer Telecom’s high speed wireless broadband to stay connected when you need to and give your business the competitive edge.

Deliverable either via a 3G sim and compatible mobile handset or with a USB device to use with your laptop, the future of mobile communication and computing is here now, and it’s only getting better.

Hammer Telecom 3G Mobile Internet & Data is provided over the Optus 'Yes' G Network, currently reaching 96% of the population, with plans to be increased to 98% by the end of 2009.

Domain, Web and Email Hosting

Hammer Telecom’s Domain, Web & Email Hosting solutions give your business the professional internet presence it deserves.

Quality domain hosting ensures your address on the internet is always available for customers and clients to find. Hammer Telecom operates DNS Servers from two secure data centres and on three major Australian ISP networks.

This high level of availability means excellent reliability and lightening fast browsing for your clients.

Your Web Hosting is equally important, and equally well covered. Support for all standard programming languages is included, as well as more objective-driven higher end languages, ensuring that no matter how your website has been constructed Hammer Telecom can provide a seamless solution for your needs.

The last piece of the hosting puzzle is email. Hammer Telecom offers a fully customisable email solution which includes server based spam and virus filtering, encryption and offsite storage and backup if desired.

Save money, save time and relax in the knowledge that your business’s critical hosting needs are fully covered by one company that provides you with locally based “End to End” service and support and integrated billing.

Internet Data Usage Estimates

How much data does it take to...

Below are some general estimates of common amounts of data used for usual internet activity. The guidelines below are only approximate so please be aware that actual usage could be far greater (e.g. if you utilise High Definition Video Conferencing, or download High Definition movies or images instead of standard definition versions or if you receive or send a large amount of emails with large attachments).

Activity TypeMeasurement of estimated / approximate data used
Internet browsing/surfing5 MB per hour
Emails500KB per email (estimate includes attachments & spam)
Video Conferencing600MB per hour
Films 2GB per film (avi, mpeg, divx)
Game/Movie Trailers 100MB each
Music tracks 5MB per song (4-5min duration)
Online gaming 15MB per hour
Online radio Average stream at 128Kbps
Photos/Documents 850KB per image
Videos 2MB per minute