Hammer Telecom offers a comprehensive range of Managed Information Technology products.

No matter what your businesses individual IT requirements are, Hammer Telecom can assist in delivering customised high quality IT solutions to ensure the simple and cost effective running of your critical systems.

With years of experience in specifying, developing and implementing networks of all shapes and sizes, for both private & public sector clients, you can rest assured that Hammer Telecom will provide the most effective solution and the best possible price.

We would welcome the opportunity to offer you a more detailed explanation of the features of each
product, to explain how they may suit your individual requirements, and to demonstrate the significant
benefits they can bring to the daily running of your business.

Off Site Data Backup, Storage & Recovery

Hosted between two Tier 1 data centres, Hammer Telecom’s Off Site Data Backup, Storage & Recovery solution provides peace of mind knowing your critical data is always safe and available for recovery, and reduces the requirement for large amounts of “on premise” data storage.

Simple, cost effective and undoubtedly best practise, Hammer Telecom Off Site Data Backup, Storage & Recovery is a must for every business serious about its data security.

Fax To Desktop

Perfect to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of fax communications, Hammer Telecom’s Fax To Desktop solution allows you to digitalise all of your inbound fax communications for ease of delivery and handling.

Highly scalable, you are able to give each and every employee an individual fax number, and have any fax’s sent to that number delivered directly to email as a PDF document. Receive your fax’s in the field, in the car or even at the beach; geography is no longer a consideration.

Deployed independently or across your whole work force, Fax To Desktop changes your fax machine from an inconvenience that requires constant monitoring to an instantaneous communications portal, in touch with you whenever and wherever you happen to be.

Wide Area Network File Serving

Hammer Telecom’s Wide Area Network File Server solution allows your business secure remote access to exchange information between any of your offices or branches, or for remote employees working in the field or from home.

Based on cutting edge AFS technology, share files of all sizes quickly and securely amongst all your geographic locations with the ease of familiar “drive letter” file share mapping.

Local Area Network File Serving

Most businesses are very familiar with the faithful office file server, but unless they have their own IT department often have to make do with "one size fits all" off-the-shelf solutions.

Hammer Telecom’s Local Area Network File Server is a fully customised solution, built from the ground up specifically for your business environment and daily running requirements.

Whether stand alone or integrated with other Hammer Telecom products, our Local Area Network File Server is the cornerstone of a high speed and high reliability local office network.

Design, Configuration, Integration & Support

Hammer Telecom’s highly qualified network engineers, programmers and technicians are available to design, build, integrate and support all the hardware and software needed for any specific project you require for the daily operation of your business.

If you can imagine it, we can deliver it and support it.