Hammer Telecom offers a comprehensive choice of Mobile Telephony and Mobile Data products.

Whether your requirements are for one mobile handset or to customise a billing plan for your entire mobile fleet, Hammer Telecom can provide your business a tailored solution with market leading pricing.

We offer a full range of mobile telephony and mobile data products, including 3G Internet and Blackberry, to deliver your business the flexibility of customised call plans, the convenience and security of our own local support and billing services and the guarantee of genuine savings.

We are also able to deliver your mobile devices charged, fully configured & integrated. We call this Hammer Telecom’s “Ready to Run” solution. A fully operational mobile device straight out of the box, with no down time deciphering manuals, charging batteries or integrating hardware and software. It’s our one stop solution to save you time and maximise your productivity.

We would welcome the opportunity to offer you a more detailed explanation of the features of each product, to explain how they may suit your individual requirements, and to demonstrate the significant benefits they can bring to the daily running of your business.

Information about Estimating Data Usage is available from our Internet, Data & Hosting page.

Hammer Telecom 3G Mobile Internet & Data is provided over the Optus 'Yes' G Network, currently reaching 98.5% of the population. Please refer to our carriers coverage maps for details. Please note that Optus 4G is currently not available to Hammer Telecom customers. Should you please have any questions about our service or our coverage, please contact us for further details.

Included Spend Plans

Hammer Telecom offers a market leading range of included spend plans which include all the features and functions you would expect, and more.

These plans are a great option for businesses with established call volumes wishing to pre plan their monthly expenditures.

Also, ask us about our Custom Plans, which may be applied across your entire mobile fleet or to any nominated numbers.

Why limit yourself to buying “off the rack” when you can have your own personally designed plan to ensure the perfect fit for your needs.

Please note that excess usage fees apply for Calls and Data beyond that which is included in your plan. Our mobile phone and mobile data services are by negotiation with us. Please contact us so we can work our how best to service your Business.

Pay As You Go Plans

Hammer Telecom’s “Pay As You Go” plans ensure your business enjoys excellent mobile rates and pays only for what is used.

This is the right solution for those who may not always have a consistent volume of calls, but want to be sure they are getting the best value for money whenever they are on the phone.

Also, ask us about our Custom “Pay As You Go” plans, which may be applied across your entire mobile fleet, or to any nominated numbers.

3G Mobile Internet & Data

Imagine the benefit to business productivity of being able to work wherever you happen to be, whenever you choose, just as easily as if you were in your office sitting at your desk.

Otherwise wasted minutes are now opportunities to catch up on email, freshen up a presentation, schedule an appointment or check your meeting notes.

Whether sitting in a cafe, arriving at a clients boardroom or walking through the door at home, you can now take advantage of Hammer Telecom’s high speed wireless broadband to stay connected when you need to and give your business the competitive edge.

Deliverable either via a 3G sim and compatible mobile handset or with a USB device to use with your laptop, the future of mobile communication and computing is here now, and it’s only getting better.

Hammer Telecom 3G Mobile Internet & Data is provided over the Optus 'Yes' G Network, currently reaching 98.5% of the population. Please refer to our carriers coverage maps for details. Please note that Optus 4G is currently not available to Hammer Telecom customers.


The Blackberry phenomenon continues to define the standard for business grade mobile telephony and PDA integration.

Hammer Telecom are Blackberry Solution specialists and can advise you on the best combination of Blackberry handset, internet solution and Blackberry plan for your existing information technology environment.

Proper Blackberry integration is a complex topic and Hammer Telecom recommends a structured approach to ensure the best possible result. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and tailor you the correct solution.


With many excellent brands to choose from, offering a wide range of functions and benefits, it’s not surprising that many people get confused about which mobile handset may be best suited to their needs.

If you are unsure of what is available or just too busy to do the research, Hammer Telecom can work with you to understand your needs, explain the features and benefits of different phones and short list those handsets most suitable for you to choose from.

If you already know what you want, we can offer you a full range of handsets at market leading prices, and are able to further simplify your life with our Hammer Telecom “Ready to Run” solution.

International Roaming

International Roaming is where you use a Hammer Telecom mobile phone service outside of the Australian mobile phone network. When International Roaming is enable on your mobile phone service, your phone will be allowed to connect to other foreign mobile phone networks overseas. Your mobile phone number will remain the same. Additional fees are charged to you for mobile roaming above and beyond your normal call charges and these charges are not included as part of your mobile phone plan. You will be charged a roaming fee to receice calls when overseas and to make calls when overseas. These charges vary from country to country however they can be significant and we recommend that you contact us to discuss your plans before you travel overseas with your phone. Mobile data charges are extremely expensive and should be avoided.

Networks Used

The Hammer Telecom mobile voice and mobile data servies are providioned on the Optus Mobile network as a Principal Carrier through a wholesale arrangement. Although Optus own the physical network infrastructure, the support and billing of this service is provided by Hammer Telecom. Should you experience a problem with your Hammer Telecom mobile phone service, you should contact us so that we can resolve the fault. Hammer Telecom customer should not contact Optus directly for support.