Hammer Telecom offers a comprehensive choice of Voice and VoIP products.

Our primary goal is to combine the best of all available technologies to provide our clients with flexible and function rich telephony solutions at market leading prices.

We hope you find the information below helpful and easy to understand.

We would welcome the opportunity to offer you a more detailed explanation of the features of each product, to explain how they may suit your individual requirements, and to demonstrate the significant benefits they can bring to the daily running of your business.

Standard Phone Lines

Standard phone lines come with many names and abbreviations, from PSTN to POTS, just to mention a few.

Basically they are the old faithful workhorses of the worldwide telecommunications industry, the familiar copper wire, connected to the telephone exchange at one end and your premises at the other, carrying an analogue signal to connect you to the world.

Although not very exciting, certainly not the cutting edge of technology, they are an integral part of the overall communications landscape and a backbone of the architecture of many small to medium sized businesses telephony and data installations.

When used judiciously in combination with other Hammer Telecom products, PSTN lines provide reliability and redundancy while ensuring your call costs are kept to an absolute minimum.


VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a digital technology largely ignored and marginalised by mainstream telco providers because of its ability to significantly shrink the telephone bills of their small to medium sized business customers.

While offering excellent advantages in terms of functionality, flexibility and cost savings, it is sometimes unfairly tarred with the brush of low call quality and a lack of reliability.

These issues generally stem from poor quality data networks being utilised or inexperience in the design of a total solution, to integrate the hardware, data and telephony requirements for optimum call quality.

Hammer Telecom’s has years of experience integrating VoIP technology with traditional telco products to give you, our clients, the very best of all worlds; flexibility, functionality, cost savings and excellent call quality and reliability.

Our proprietary software and full tested and integrated VoIP solutions ensure business grade telecommunications at a price that is very, very nice.


ISDN 2 is a digital carrier grade voice and data service with high guarantees of reliability and call quality, allowing two simultaneous calls to be carried over a single copper wire.

A great option for businesses with sufficient call volumes to have an existing PABX, Hammer Telecom can provide innovative solutions using ISDN 2 and VoIP to reduce the cost of both calls and extra features, while maintaining excellent redundancy and reliability.

ISDN 10/20/30

ISDN 10, 20 or 30 are premium digital fixed wire voice and data services, allowing for up to 10, 20 or 30 simultaneous calls to be carried on a copper wire.

Designed for high volume call environments and businesses where staff may require individual numbers to be allocated to them. Key advantages include excellent reliability and a 100 number direct in dial allocations.

Hammer Telecom is proud to be able to provide ISDN 10, 20 and 30 services at market leading prices and if you wish we are able to integrate these premium digital services with other digital technologies to reduce your telephony bill even further.

Inbound Call Handling - 13, 1300 and 1800 Numbers

Imagine the flexibility of a system which allowed you to send your customers and clients calls to any landline or mobile number, anywhere in Australia, or around the world.

Imagine being able to specify where the call should go depending on the time of day, day of the week, or even by reference to the point of origin of the call.

Best of all, imagine having a number that moves with you, one number for your business irrespective of suburb, city, state or even country.
13, 1300 & 1800 numbers offer all this and more. Stand out from the competition as someone in business, who means business.

Hammer Telecom are the specialists in providing cost effective 13, 1300 and 1800 number solutions. As a standalone service or integrated with our other premium VoIP and digital services, this is the gateway to excellent flexibility in call handling, brand recognition and long term cost savings.

PABX Systems

Flexibility, functionality, reliability and most of all, a reasonable cost to acquire and operate. These are the criteria Hammer Telecom recommends to ensure the PABX solution we provide you with is the right one for your business environment.

We believe a great PABX system is about more than just the way your staff make and receive calls.

A great PABX system is one that is tailored precisely to your business requirements, integrates into your business systems, and will save you time, save you money and offer you all the features and flexibility your business needs to grow and prosper.

Hammer Telecom’s custom built PABX solutions are simple to use, feature packed, cost effective and fully scaleable.

Our strong technical background means we are not simply resellers of any one brand, or limited to any particular method of installation.

We are able to deploy our proprietary Hammer Telecom PABX solution either;

  1. Full configured, at your business premises, or;
  2. In a hosted and administered configuration, run from our data centre, or;
  3. In a combination of both of the above.

To you this means being able to customise your PABX to be the perfect fit for your individual businesses requirements, rather than having to take the “off the shelf, one size fits all” approach.

Used in combination with other Hammer Telecom Voice & VoIP products, you have a powerful solution incorporating flexibility, functionality and cost savings, giving your business the competitive edge in inbound and outbound fixed line communications.