Statutory Warranty

Products supplied by Hammer Telecom are covered according to the Competition and Consumer Act in Australia. This is a statutory right. Please see the iACCC website for more details.

How to deal with a faulty product

Consumers have the choice to deal with Hammer Telecom for their warranty or they can deal directly with the manufacturer of the equipment. If you have a problem with a product of service you have purchased through Hammer Telecom please contact us and we can advise on the best way to get it fixed or replaced. Dealing directly with the Manufacturer is generally more efficient for products such as mobile phone handsets which have no special configuration in them however should your have a problem with a Server or Network device for example, it is best to contact us so we can guide you on the most efficient way to get the product replaced.

Please note that the product Warranty only covers the replacement of repair of the faulty part. If you require us to attend to your site, pickup the equipment, reconfigure a replacement or perform other work such as bypass the failed component until a replacement arrives, this will be charged work beyond the warranty.

In some cases we may have spare equipment to loan you while your equipment is being repaired or replaced. Should you need to this service, please ask us about price and availabillity.